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Home – Blu Candy Boutique. An online store containing what woman want, for women. A place where men love to shop for women or a woman can shop for herself, or their friends… None of us judge here; this is a safe place for letting Blu Candy play on your thoughts. We do this with clever sarcasm, funny innuendos and sly little puns. Ignite your vocabulary and connect with those physical feelings.

Welcome to our beautiful boudoir…

Dans ta Maison de sensualité (Our house of sensuality)

Your sensations are experienced physically. Your mind has an effect on our sensual experiences. If you match the two up; what you have, can become otherworldly. Our intention to bring together these two gargantuan pieces of the human experience. Being a woman is a tricky business. We have certain roles to fulfill, we’re more emotional, we’re more reactive and when we are happy though… That’s when we are at our best. We wanted to create a beautiful place where being a woman is an honor, where the things you see make you grateful that you will always be, A WOMAN.

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A place womanly enough for you to get your fix,

And girly enough for us to focus on the more visually stimulating and pleasurable joy of womanhood and our sexuality. Blu Candy knows the thought-provoking, anticipation of a familiar feeling sensual stimulation can invoke; its all tied to what we know as pleasure. There is a physical, emotional connection we all have to our memories.

These memories give us our individuality.

Within the experience each individual has had an epic journey.

We want to bring the memory of emotion into the world we experience. As human beings your ability to experience exists on two planes. To travel between these two sensations of existence, is where we come in: The one where you are eating honey on the floor with your lover in the kitchen, and the other is your reality.

Bringing together the duality of our everyday lives, and the fantasy world we have created

Something beautiful, something exquisite. An object which is obviously not, what it looks like. An object that would catch you with its glamourous look and surprise you at the purpose. Like the effect a woman has on a room…

Our home is open to you, with exclusive experiences to true pleasure

Sensual, intimate, a place where all women may excite her curiosities. We encourage you to become a powerful force of a woman, in a movement where we are no longer confined by the societal norms. A place where a woman can become a goddess. We are thrilled you came to see what Blu Candy Sensual Boutique has to offer. And we believe that Blu Candy Sensual Boutique is the playground of the gods.

We thought it would be better to let it be known that being who you are is the privilege of a lifetime! Make the experience of it be a special one. You are cordially invited to join us for an exclusive afternoon in a goddess’s dressing room…

A Boudoir fit for a goddess

A walk-in wardrobe with rows of handbags, lingerie, shoes, jewelry, and a double door cupboard where the makeup, skincare and the real fun hides. Blu Candy Boutique is an online experience in your inner goddess’s boudoir. Her private room and a room where the two of you can meet. An gorgeous wardrobe which we curated, handpicked for functionality, AND were chosen by design.

Oooh, and their quality, look, and feel. Blu Candy is one of the most popular online boutiques. It is our favorite place in the world. And we would love to introduce to you, our take on what they call a sex shop is we call it a Sensual boutique. Blu Candy is a one of a kind experience; a unique experience from our online store, to your door.


Everything inside is guaranteed to be what every woman wants. Each item is unique in its own gorgeous way. Focusing on the more sensual affair, and the true beauty of being human, which means we are aware. We can feel, see the marvelous beauty around us, react to touch, our sense of smell connected to our taste and hear the noises we make.

Blu Candy is all about the senses

The human senses are what we have Blu Candy is all about. All about a woman’s inner goddess and her outer body’s physical feelings. Here we use these thoughts to ACCENTUATE, heat up the process of our precognition. Build up anticipation and ultimately satisfy it all. We influence these thoughts deliberately to await these feelings. The anticipation heightens our senses and changes our adventure.

The only thing we are spoiled for is choice

Blu Candy is the sweetest adult pleasure shop for women. However, it is not in an adult industry, sex orientated way but a designer boutique with some fun things inside of it. Why wouldn’t we call ourselves a sensual boutique? It is almost as good as the being best adult store online!

We wanted to include the very girly girls and the lady-like women

Those who want to know about the sensual world of BDSM. There is an intimacy to it, and there is a great sense of courage which takes place. Here, it is an easier introduction and a great place to find very rare and exquisite things…